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ABS heat resistant grade

ABS heat resistant grade
Product Details

ABS processing is good, toughness is good, but the heat resistance is not enough, thus limiting its scope of application, heat ABS is the need for high heat application development.

In general, the heat-resistant ABS's Vicat softening point (VST / B / 50) exceeds 100 ° C. While the general ABS at 95 ℃ or so.

Heat-resistant ABS features:

1: In high temperature environment, with a high degree of stability

2: high impact resistance

3: excellent dimensional stability

4: easy to process

5: good product appearance

Application areas:

Car: interior price instrument panel, toolbox, ashtray, profile extrusion and other components.

Car my external price as the front grille, the lamp base, paint the rearview mirror, door components such as wheel hub cover, flame retardant Si'an District Electronics field:

Vacuum cleaner (bottom parts) microwave oven door frame 'eat, hair dryer, etc.'

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