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First, the video client download: Xiamen Yuan plastic video surveillance

Second, the client process tutorial: client landed video tutorial

Company produces plastics are mainly plastic modification particles: the raw material (ABS, pp, PE, PBT, PA, PC, POM etc) plus fiber, flame-resistant, toughened or fill in the modified granulation and color processing according to customer requirements. And we strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards, product quality control, tailored for the customer the best cost-effective environmental protection engineering plastics .
Xiamen Yuan plastics co to a strong, reasonable prices, excellent service and a number of enterprises to establish long-term relations of cooperation. Xiamen Yuan plastics, Ltd warmly welcome to visit, study, business.

Reinforced grade | Fill plastic | Flame retardant | Modification | Injection molding materials | PA66 nylon | Polyamide nylon | Long glass fibre | Modified polyamide engineering plastics

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