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Xiamen Yuan Plastics Ltd was founded in 2003; the company is located in the Sea Garden is known as the Fujian--Xiamen

Is a high-performance plastic research and development, production and sales of scientific and technological enterprises, is a new material industry. 产品适用于注塑,挤出塑料加工

Clients all over the electronics, automotive, home appliances, daily necessities, and many other fields.

Company produces mainly plastic modification of plastics granules: uses the high quality brand raw material (ABS, PP, PE, and PBT, PA6, PA66, PC, POM, etc

A variety of alloys and special engineering plastics) Plus fiber, flame-resistant, toughened, filling modification, such as granulation, can be customized for each product according to customer demand.

----Service career, quality-oriented, integrity management, management, refinement, continuous innovation,

To revitalize China's chemical industry has been --For our economy and chemical industry as a force.

Quality--is the long term survival of foundations, quality-is free competition gold medal!

Company adopted and strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification for production control. All products are available through SGS and the ULand the environmental related certification, support customers to specify unit testing and certification!

Xiamen Yuan plastics co welcome leadership reference guide in the field!

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Reinforced grade | Fill plastic | Flame retardant | Modification | Injection molding materials | PA66 nylon | Polyamide nylon | Long glass fibre | Modified polyamide engineering plastics

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