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ABS flame retardant grade

ABS flame retardant grade
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ABS flame retardant grade

Flame retardant ABS

Flame retardant ABS ABS plastic is one of the five synthetic plastics, ABS Chinese name for the polymer, was first discovered in the Second World War broke out, with good impact resistance and heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance Excellent mechanical properties and electrical properties, but also easy to process, product size and stability, good surface gloss and other characteristics, easy to paint, coloring, can also be surface metallization, electroplating, welding, hot pressing and bonding secondary processing , Widely used in machinery, automotive, electronic appliances, instrumentation, textile and construction and other industrial fields, is a very versatile thermoplastic engineering plastics. ABS according to its performance can be divided into fire level, flame retardant, impact level, conductive grade, transparent grade, plating grade, high temperature level, and other varieties, processing can be divided into, extrusion, injection, vacuum, , And other varieties.

Flame-retardant ABS application ABS resin is the largest application areas of automotive, electronic appliances and building materials. The use of automotive applications, including automotive dashboard, body panels, interior trim panels, steering wheel, noise board, door locks, bumper, ventilation pipes and many other components. In the electrical aspects are widely used in refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, air conditioners, computers, copiers and other electronic appliances. Building materials, ABS pipe, ABS sanitary ware, ABS decorative panels are widely used in building materials industry. In addition, ABS is also widely used in packaging, furniture, sports and entertainment, machinery and instrumentation industry.

Flame-retardant ABS processing ABS with PS is a kind of excellent processing properties of thermoplastic, can be processed by a common processing methods. ABS melt flow better than PVC and PC, but worse than PE, PA and PS, and POM and HIPS similar; ABS flow characteristics of non-Newtonian fluid; its melt viscosity and processing temperature and shear rate are related , But more sensitive to shear rate. ABS thermal stability is good, less prone to degradation phenomenon. ABS water absorption is high, before processing should be dry. The drying conditions of the general products are the temperature of 81 ~ 87 ℃, the time is 2 ~ 4h; the special requirements of the products (such as plating) drying conditions for the temperature 72 ~ 86 ℃, time 17 ~ 18h. ABS products in the processing of easy to produce internal stress, the size of the internal stress can be immersed in glacial acetic acid test; such as stress is too large and the product of the stress cracking is absolutely prohibited, should be annealed, the specific conditions for the 72 ~ 82 ℃ hot air circulation Drying box 2 ~ 4h, and then cooled to room temperature can be.

Flame retardant ABS performance ABS in a certain temperature range has a good impact strength and surface hardness, a better dimensional stability, a certain degree of chemical resistance and good electrical insulation. It is opaque, generally shallow ivory, can be made by coloring with a high degree of gloss of any other color products, plating-level appearance can be electroplating, vacuum coating and other decoration. General grade ABS impermeable, burning slowly, softened when burning, the flame was yellow, black smoke, the last charred, a special smell, but no melt dripping, injection, extrusion and vacuum molding methods can be used for processing, ABS material It is hygroscopic and requires drying before processing. It is recommended that the drying conditions be at least 82 to 91 ° C for 2 hours. Material temperature should be less than 0.1%. Melting temperature: 211 ~ 281C; Recommended temperature: 248C. Mold temperature: 26 ... 72C. (Mold temperature will affect the plastic parts finish, lower temperature leads to lower finish). Injection pressure: 501 ~ 1000bar. Injection speed: medium speed.

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