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PA6 flame retardant glass fiber reinforced grade

PA6 flame retardant glass fiber reinforced grade
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PA6 flame retardant glass fiber reinforced grade

PA6 polyamide resin Introduction:

Traits: translucent or opaque milky white crystalline polymer

Features: thermoplastic, lightweight, good toughness, resistance to chemicals and durability Good combustion identification method: blue yellow flame, burning plant flavor.

  PA6 commonly known as nylon single 6, the Department of crystalline thermoplastic engineering plastics. The company PA6 modified engineering plastics mainly used: Japan Ube; Japan Toray; US DuPont; Baling Petrochemical; Taiwan South Asia; Netherlands DSM; Germany LANXESS; Germany BASF; France Rhodia and other raw materials for the end of materials: Toughening; fire-retardant; wear; cold; weather and other performance increased.

Common grades:

Taiwan's Sheng Sheng TP-4208 non-enhanced; Taiwan DSM1010C2 non-enhanced; Sinopec Baling BL3280H non-enhanced; Germany LANXESS B30S non-enhanced German BASF B3EG6GF30 oil resistance electronic insulation; Japan Toray CM1017 non-enhanced; Japan Mitsubishi Engineering 1010C2 General Japan Yuji 1013NW8 ; Low-viscosity rapid prototyping; Thailand Department of Yuji 1013B low viscosity; Sinopec Baling YH-800 extrusion; Hunan Yuehua YH800 non-enhanced; Japan Ube 1013B low viscosity; Japan Toray CM1011G-30GF30 Thailand Yuji 1013NW8 low viscosity rapid prototyping; BASF B3G36030 Germany BASF B3G3H30GF30 Germany BASF B3GM35GF15 + MF25, Germany, the United States, Good dimensional stability Good oil resistance Medium hardness and so on ...

Quality, product quality assurance, can provide free product quality, FDA, MSDS, SGS, REACH, ROHS, UL yellow card and other related reports and material proof, free of all kinds of plastic raw materials identification and processing technology support, Welcome to customers around the letter calls negotiate order.


1, with high tensile strength; 2, toughness, impact resistance special excellent; 3, self-lubricating, good wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance; 4, low temperature characteristics; 5, with self-extinguishing. 1, electronic appliances: connectors, reel, timer, cover circuit breakers, switch shell seats, sockets, joints, and so on;

2, car: cooling fan, door handle, fuel tank cover, intake grille, water tank cover, lampholders, oil filters, washers, etc .;

3, industrial parts: chair seat, bicycle box, skates base, spinning shuttle, pedal, pulley, power tools, etc.

4, other: building materials, hardware, fishing nets, fishing gear, spinning, packaging materials, woven bags, tie and so on.

(PA6); Flame Retardant Reinforced Nylon 6 (PA6); Toughened Refractory Nylon (PA6); Flame Retardant Reinforced Nylon 6 (PA6) (PA6); glass beads reinforced nylon 6 (PA6); carbon fiber reinforced nylon 6 (PA6); glass fiber reinforced glass beads reinforced nylon 6 (PA6); flame retardant glass fiber filled nylon 6, etc., according to customer requirements By the professional and technical engineers tailored for customers the most suitable high-quality engineering plastics products. Products are in line with international related testing and certification!

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