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ABS engineering plastics; used in small appliances; electrical enclosures; electric hairdressers, razors and other shell parts sample free / price

Abstract: ABS engineering plastics; used in small appliances; electrical enclosures; electric hairdressers, razors and other shell parts sample free / price
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ABS engineering plastic factory direct, sample free / long-term supply of various modified engineering plastics / price gifted / welcome to inquire or visit the company to guide! The
Product Description Product Description ABS toughening grade
Product grade Injection Molding Grade
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Acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene, A represents acrylonitrile, B represents butadiene, and S represents styrene.

The product has high strength, low weight characteristics. Opaque, the appearance of a small ivory, non-toxic, tasteless, both tough, hard, just the characteristics of slow combustion, the flame was yellow, black smoke, The proportion of weight: 1.05 g / cm3, molding shrinkage : 0.4-0.7% , molding temperature : 200-240 ℃ , the formation of shrinkage rate: 0.4-0.7% , molding temperature : 200-240 ℃ , forming a special cinnamon odor, but no melting dripping phenomenon is a commonly used engineering plastics. Drying conditions: 80-90 ° C / 2 hours.

ABS resin is a slightly yellow solid, a certain toughness, the density of about 1.04 ~ 1.06 g / cm3 . It acid, alkali, salt corrosion ability is relatively strong, but also to a certain extent, tolerance of organic solvents dissolved.
ABS resin plating can be normal in the environment of -25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ , and has good formability, the processed product surface is smooth, easy to dye and plating, so it can be used for household appliances, toys and other daily necessities The common Lego building blocks are ABS products.

ABS resin can be blended with a variety of resin blends, such as PC / ABS , ABS / PVC , PA / ABS , PBT / ABS , etc., to produce new features and new applications, such as: ABS resin and PMMA To produce a transparent ABS resin.

Chemical characteristics

comprehensive performance is better, high impact strength, chemical stability , good electrical performance.

372 plexiglass with good weldability, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome-plated surface, paint treatment.

high impact, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent and other levels.

mobility than HIPS almost, than the PMMA , PC and so good, good flexibility.

Forming characteristics

1 , amorphous material, medium mobility, moisture absorption , must be fully dry , the surface requirements of the plastic parts to be a long time to dry 80-90 degrees, 3 hours.

2 , should take high material temperature, high mold temperature , but the material temperature is too high easy to break down ( decomposition temperature of > 270 degrees. ) For high precision plastic parts , mold temperature should take 50-60 degrees , high gloss . Thermoplastic parts , mold temperature should take 60-80 degrees.

3 , if you need to solve the folder water, need to improve the flow of materials, to take high temperature, high mold temperature, or change into the water level and other methods.

4 , such as forming heat-resistant grade or flame retardant grade material, the production of 3-7 days after the mold surface will be residual plastic decomposition products, resulting in mold surface shiny, the need for timely cleaning of the mold, while the mold surface to increase the exhaust location.

5 , high strength, impact resistance and strong.

Product advantages


ABS resin is the largest and most widely used polymer, it will PS , SAN , BS various properties organically unified, both tough, hard, just equal balance of excellent mechanical properties. ABS engineering plastics with excellent Synthetic properties, excellent impact strength, good dimensional stability, electrical properties, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeing, molding and machining better ABS resin water, inorganic salts, alkali and acid, Insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, and easily soluble in aldehydes, ketones, esters and certain chlorinated hydrocarbons.

ABS resin to maintain the excellent electrical properties of styrene and easy processing of molding, but also increased the flexibility, strength ( butadiene characteristics ) , heat and corrosion resistance ( acrylonitrile excellent performance ) , and the surface hardness, Chemical engineering, and by changing the proportion of the three components can change the performance of ABS , ABS plastic has a wide range of applications, mainly for machinery, electrical, textile, automotive and shipbuilding industries.

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