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Pp long fiberglass / long fiber LFT-PP

Pp long fiberglass / long fiber LFT-PP
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LFT long fiber reinforced grade injection molding grade

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LFT Introduction :

LFT , long fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, English is Long Fiber reinforced Thermoplastics , compared with ordinary fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials , in general, fiber reinforced thermoplastic material in the fiber length of less than 1 mm, and LFT , The length of the fiber is generally greater than 2 mm, the current processing technology , has been able to LFT fiber length maintained at 5 mm or more.

    LFT compared with other materials

1 , compared with short glass fiber reinforced plastic

Compared with the traditional short glass fiber reinforced plastic, with a special screw, die and cutter design and sizing agent formula LFT technology can be more than 12mm material live sheet, fiber length and the length of the material equivalent to the glass The fiber has a longer length of glass fiber in the final product. The general short fiber is reinforced, and after the three processes flowing through the screw, the injection port and the mold cavity, the length of the fiber decreases greatly, and the fiber in the final product The length of the already less than 1mm , so the mechanical properties of the products to help is very limited, and LFT technology , regardless of mold or injection molding, the final test products within the average length of glass fiber is still not less than 4mm , thus greatly improving the mechanical products Performance, and staple fiber reinforced structural parts compared to the impact resistance, better creep resistance, heat resistance is also more excellent.

2 , compared with metal

Compared with metal materials , LFT materials and very low density and very high specific strength, the product processing method is more flexible, high material recovery rate, compared to the lower cost of materials, parts of the functional and integrity is very high, LFT Of the parts processing equipment such as extruders, injections or presses, drilling equipment, molds , compared to expensive metal impact equipment and molds, the cost is very low, especially in the production of small quantities of models, LFT also shows excellent economy.Therefore , compared with the steel structure , LFT to reduce the weight of the product a lot, and have the components of the merger performance, which can reduce costs.

3 , compared with GMT

LFT sheet is a new generation of thermoplastic composites after GMT (glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics) sheet, which is made of long glass fiber as a reinforcing material, with polypropylene ( PP ), PA , PET and other composite materials Come into being.
LFT sheet compared with the CMT sheet, its outstanding advantages are:
1 , the sheet in the process of pressing better liquidity.
2 , sheet prices lower.
3 , the performance of the material is basically the same with the GMT .
If the customer's impact on the material requirements of the higher, the company will provide high impact resistance models of the LFT sheet for the needs.

4 , compared with SMC

The manufacturing process of the LFT sheet is very similar to that of the thermoset composite fiberglass in the SMC (sheet-like molding material), which is also used to press the sheet in the mold. The LFT is a hard sheet , And SMC is in the cold soft sheet into the mold after hot forming.
LFT sheet compared with SMC sheet, its technical performance has the following advantages :
1 , non-toxic, tasteless, can improve the working environment.
2 , light weight, the density is only 1 ~ 1.2g / cm3 .
3 , scrap and waste can be recycled, to minimize waste.
4 , the strength is higher than the SMC , impact toughness is particularly prominent.
5 , corrosion resistance, electrical performance is more excellent.
6 , the product pressing speed several times faster than SMC , a substantial increase in production efficiency.


Long fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials ( LFTs ) have been used in semi- structural applications in the automotive industry. Their main advantages are attractive cost / performance ratios and relatively low densities. European ELV ( end of life vehicle ) legislation facilitates The development of this material, which promotes the recycling, thus also facilitates the substitution of thermoplastic materials for thermosetting materials.

In the automotive industry, LFT is mainly used for the production of structural and semi- structural components , such as front-end module, bumper beam, dashboard skeleton, battery tray, spare tire slot, seat skeleton, foot pedal and the overall floor, etc. Fiber reinforced polypropylene is used in the engine hood, dashboard skeleton, battery tray, seat frame, car front module, bumper, luggage rack, spare platter, fender, fan blades, engine chassis, roof Such as long fiber reinforced PA , is further extended to the hood, because LFT-PA is not only high hardness, low weight, and high glass fiber content so that the thermal expansion coefficient is almost the same with the metal, can withstand the high temperature brought about by the engine.

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