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PA6 enhancement level

PA6 enhancement level
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PA6 enhancement level

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Reinforced plastic classification

1. According to the shape of the reinforced material is divided into:

1) granular reinforced plastic: such as calcium plastic.

2) fiber reinforced plastic: such as glass fiber or glass cloth reinforced plastic.

3) sheet reinforced plastic: such as mica reinforced plastic.

2. According to the material of reinforced material is divided into:

1) Buji, asbestos reinforced plastic: such as rag reinforced plastic.

2) inorganic mineral filled plastic: such as quartz, mica filled plastic.

3) glass fiber reinforced plastic: such as prepreg.

4) SMC, BMC and other special fiber-reinforced plastic: such as carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber reinforced plastic.

5) metal fiber reinforced plastic: such as steel wire reinforced plastic.

The results show that with the increase of glass fiber content, the tensile strength and flexural strength of the composites are greatly improved, and the impact strength is more complicated. The toughening agent The addition of 30% to 35% glass fiber, 8% to 12% of the toughening agent, the material of the comprehensive mechanical properties of the best.

1. GFR-nylon in the nylon resin by adding a certain amount of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FR-PA) can be divided into long-glass fiber reinforced nylon (fiber and plastic particles equal length, the general About 10 mm) and short glass fiber reinforced nylon (fiberglass length of about 0.2 to 0.7 mm) obtained by continuous shearing of the chopped fibers through kneading or continuous fiber introduction into a twin screw extruder.

2. Nylon is a polyamide , which has an amino group in its main chain, and the amino group has a polarity that attracts each other due to the hydrogen bond, so that the nylon is easily crystallized and can be made into a fiber with a high strength. Translucent or milky white crystalline resin, often made of cylindrical aggregates, plastic for the polyamide molecular weight is generally 15,000 to 20,000.

3. In the PA by adding 30% of the glass fiber, PA mechanical properties, dimensional stability , heat resistance , anti-aging performance was significantly improved, fatigue strength is not enhanced 2.5 times.

4. With the enhanced material to improve the performance of nylon , reinforced materials are glass fiber, asbestos fiber , carbon fiber , titanium , etc., of which the main glass fiber to improve the heat resistance of nylon, dimensional stability, rigidity, mechanical properties Strength and bending strength ), especially the mechanical properties improved significantly, as the excellent performance of engineering plastics . Glass fiber reinforced nylon has long fiber reinforced and short fiber reinforced nylon two.

In order to meet the requirements of the development of related industries.Therefore, must be for a particular application area, through modification, improve its performance, to expand its application areas. Mainly in the following aspects of modification.

① improve the water absorption of nylon, to improve the dimensional stability of products.

② to improve the flame resistance of nylon to meet the electronics, electrical, communications and other industries.

③ to improve the mechanical strength of nylon in order to achieve the strength of metal materials to replace the metal

④ to improve the anti-low temperature performance of nylon, and enhance its ability to resist environmental strain.

⑤ improve the wear resistance of nylon to meet the requirements of high wear and tear occasions.

⑥ improve the antistatic properties of nylon to meet the requirements of mining and its mechanical applications.

⑦ improve the heat resistance of nylon to adapt to the field of high temperature conditions such as automotive engines.

⑧ reduce the cost of nylon, improve product competitiveness.

In short, through the above improvements, the realization of nylon composite materials , high performance and functional, and thus promote the relevant industry products to high-performance, high-quality direction.

Widely used in gears, bearings, fan blades, pump leaves, bicycle parts, auto industry spare parts, fishing gear and some precision engineering products. Has good wear resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance and resistance Chemical, also greatly reduced the raw materials Water absorption and shrinkage , with excellent dimensional stability and excellent mechanical strength.Compared with pure nylon , enhanced nylon mechanical strength, rigidity , heat resistance , creep resistance and fatigue strength increased significantly, elongation , Molding shrinkage , moisture absorption , abrasion resistance. Performance depends on the fiber and resin bonding strength , content, aspect ratio and degree of orientation . Injection and extrusion molding . Widely used in aerospace, automotive, Chemical and other fields to create heat-resistant structural plastic parts.


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sales: long-term sale pa6 general level, enhanced level , wear-resistant, high temperature, low warpage, high flow and plastic alloy for a variety of applications such as a series of products.

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