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Pc raw materials modified supply; CD material; CD plastic; CD material; CD production; PC price concessions; manufacturers first-hand goods, welcome to consult!

Abstract: Pc raw materials modified supply; CD material; CD plastic; CD material; CD production; PC price concessions; manufacturers first-hand goods, welcome to consult!
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Pc raw materials modified supply; CD-ROM material; CD-ROM production; PC price concessions; manufacturers first-hand goods, welcome to consult!

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Chinese name : polycarbonate

English name : Polycarbonate

Another name : PC plastic

Chemical formula : 2,2' -bis ( 4- hydroxyphenyl) propane polycarbonate

CAS Registry Number : 25037-45-0

Polycarbonate ( PC) is a polymer chain containing carbonate in the molecular chain . Polycarbonate is colorless and transparent, heat resistant, impact resistant and flame retardant . It has good mechanical properties in normal use temperature Compared with polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate has better impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance and no flame resistance with UL94 V-0 grade. Compared with the structure of ester group Can be divided into aliphatic , aromatic, aliphatic - aromatic and other types, which due to aliphatic and aliphatic - aromatic polycarbonate mechanical properties are low, thus limiting its application in engineering plastics . Only aromatic polycarbonate obtained industrial production due to the special nature of polycarbonate structure, has now become the five largest engineering plastics in the fastest growing general engineering plastics .

PC main performance defects are resistant to hydrolysis stability is not high enough, sensitive to the gap, resistance to organic chemicals, poor scratch resistance, long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will be yellow.As with other resins, PC vulnerable to certain organic solvents The PC material has flame retardancy , wear resistance, oxidation resistance .

The purpose of modified PC is to toughening, improve the processing performance, reduce the residual deformation, increase the flame retardant, etc., can specifically modify the PC varieties are:

PC / ABS can improve the bending modulus, heat resistance, plating performance.

PC / PET , PBT workers can improve the drug resistance, solvent resistance and so on.

PC / PMMA by adding plexiglass can improve the appearance of pearl color.

PC / PA , HIPS can improve the impact toughness, surface finish.

PC / HDPE can improve resistance to boiling water, aging resistance, weather resistance , and LDPE effect is poor.

PC with glass fiber or carbon fiber to enhance the modification , improve the mechanical strength.

And with bromine flame retardant and antimony trioxide, can be made flame retardant grade PC .

Other and polysulfone, aromatic polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene can be blended modified to achieve the balance between economy and performance.


1 , with high strength and elasticity coefficient, high impact strength, the use of a wide temperature range ;

2 , a high degree of transparency and free dyeing ;

3 , forming shrinkage is low, the size of good stability;

4 , good fatigue resistance ;

5 , good weather resistance ;

6 , excellent electrical characteristics ;

7 , tasteless and odorless to the human body in line with health and safety.

Main performance

A , mechanical properties: high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, creep is also small (high temperature conditions are rarely changed);

B , heat aging resistance: enhanced UL temperature index of 120 ~ 140 ℃ (outdoor long-term aging is also very good);

C , solvent resistance: no stress cracking;

D , the water stability: high temperature water easily decomposed (high temperature and high humidity environment to be used with caution);

E , electrical performance:

1 , insulation performance: excellent (wet, high temperature can also maintain electrical stability , is to create electronic, electrical parts of the ideal material);

2 , dielectric coefficient : 3.0-3.2 ;

3 , arc resistance : 120s ;

F , molding processability: general equipment injection or extrusion.


The three main applications of PC engineering plastics are glass assembly, automotive and electronics, electrical industry, followed by industrial machinery parts, optical discs, packaging, computers and other office equipment, medical and health care, film, leisure and protective equipment, etc. PC Can be used as doors and windows, PC laminate is widely used in banks, embassies, detention centers and public places of the protective window for the aircraft cabin cover, lighting equipment, industrial safety baffle and bulletproof glass.

PC board can do all kinds of signs, such as gasoline pump dial, car dashboard, warehouse and open-air commercial signs, point-type sliding indicator, PC resin for automotive lighting systems, instrument panel system and interior decoration system, PC is used as a junction box, socket, plug and casing, gasket, TV conversion device, telephone line bracket under the communication, the use of the mainframe, the mirror frame, the door frame, Cable connector, electric switch box, telephone switchboard, switchboard components, relay shell, PC can do low load parts for household appliances motor, vacuum cleaner, shampoo, coffee machine, toaster, power tool handle, the Gears, worm gears , bushings , guide, refrigerator shelves. PC is the ideal material for disc storage media.

Injection process

1 , injection molding machine to adjust the molding parameters (depending on the material molecular weight adjustment):

Barrel temperature: front 250 & mdash; 310 , middle 240 & mdash; 280 , rear 230 & mdash;

Nozzle temperature: 10 lower than the rear .

Mold temperature : 70 & mdash; 120 .

Injection pressure: 70 & mdash; 140MPa .

Screw speed: 30 & mdash; 120r / min .

Molding cycle: injection 1 & mdash; 25s , cooling 5 & ​​mdash; 40s .

Xiamen Branch yuan Plastic Co., Ltd. professional R & D production and sales of modified engineering plastics integration company, the company specializing in the production of modified engineering plastics, according to product performance requirements for your tailor-made to meet their own materials, all products can meet the international material testing Standards, can provide SGS ; UL; environmental protection and other related certification.

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