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PA6 polyamide nylon

PA6 polyamide nylon
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PA6 polyamide wear-resistant enhanced level

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Polyamide , commonly known as nylon ( Nylon ), the English name Polyamide , which is the main chain of macromolecules repeat units containing amide groups of polymers in general. Polyamide can be made by ring acid amide ring polymerization , but also by the diamine and Dibasic acid polycondensation, etc. The United States DuPont company first developed for the fiber resin , in 1939 to achieve industrialization .20 century 50 years began to develop and produce injection molding products to replace the metal to meet the downstream industrial products lightweight, reduce costs PA has good overall performance, including mechanical properties, heat resistance , abrasion resistance , chemical resistance and self -lubricating properties , low coefficient of friction, a certain flame retardant, easy to process, suitable for use Glass PA6 , PA6 , PA612 , PAl010 , etc., as well as the development of semi- aromatic nylon in recent years, as well as PA6 , PA66 , PAll , PAl2 , PA46 , PA610 , PA612 , PAl010 , PA6T and special nylon and other new varieties.

In order to meet the requirements of the development of related industries.Therefore, must be for a particular application area, through modification, improve its performance, to expand its application areas. Mainly in the following aspects of modification.


1, with excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating, high mechanical strength, but the water absorption is large, and therefore poor dimensional stability

2, PA66 can maintain strong strength and rigidity at higher temperatures. PA66 is still hygroscopic after molding, depending on material composition, wall thickness and environmental conditions.

3, in the product design, we must consider the impact of moisture on the geometric stability.In order to improve the mechanical properties of PA66, often add a variety of modifiers. Glass is the most common additives, sometimes in order to improve the impact resistance Synthetic rubbers such as EPDM and SBR are also added, and the viscosity of the PA66 is low, so the fluidity is excellent (but not as good as PA6). This property can be used to process very thin components, and its viscosity is sensitive to temperature changes.

4, PA66 shrinkage between 1% to 2%, adding glass fiber additive can reduce the shrinkage to 0.2% to 1%. Shrinkage in the process direction and the direction of the process in the direction of the vertical is different PA66 has resistance to many solvents, but is less resistant to acids and other chlorinating agents.


1, with high tensile strength; 2, toughness, impact resistance special excellent; 3, self-lubricating, good wear resistance, excellent chemical resistance; 4, low temperature characteristics; 5, with self-


Widely used in machinery, instrumentation, automotive parts, electrical and electronic, railway, home appliances, communications, textile machinery, sports and leisure goods, tubing, fuel tanks and some precision engineering products.

Electronic appliances: connectors, spools, timers, cover circuit breakers, switch shell seats

Car: cooling fan, door handle, fuel tank cover, intake grille, water tank cover, lampholders

Industrial parts: chair seat, bicycle box, skate base, textile shuttle, pedal, slip

With the development of petrochemical industry and other industries, for the development of nylon engineering plastics, providing a rich, inexpensive raw materials and a broad market.

Nylon is mainly used in the automotive industry, electrical and electronic industry, transportation, machinery manufacturing industry, wire and cable communications industry, film and daily necessities for the automotive industry, nylon accounted for about one-third of total consumption of nylon, The use of its mechanical strength is good, wear, oil, self-lubricating and other characteristics, manufacturing a variety of bearings, gears, pulleys, oil pipelines, and so on. , Oil trap, oil hood, protective cover, support frame, wheel cover, baffle, fan, air filter shell, radiator water chamber, brake tube, hood, door handle and so on.

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Long-term sales of pa6 polyamide universal grade, enhanced grade , wear-resistant, high temperature, low warpage, high flow and plastic alloy for a variety of applications such as a series of products.

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Xiamen Branch yuan Plastic Co., Ltd. professional R & D production and sales of modified engineering plastics integration company, the company specializing in the production of modified engineering plastics, according to product performance requirements for your tailor-made to meet their own materials, all products can meet the international material testing Standards, can provide SGS; UL; environmental protection and other related certification.

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