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Glasses material pei factory direct! PEI has excellent integrated balance performance, used in electronic, electrical and aviation and other industrial components

Abstract: Glasses material pei factory direct! PEI has excellent integrated balance performance, used in electronic, electrical and aviation and other industrial components
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PEI glasses material pei factory direct! PEI has excellent comprehensive balance performance, effective in the application of electronics, electrical and aviation and other industrial sectors, please contact us or factory guidance guide!

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Chinese name: polyether imide

English name: Polyetherimide

Overview PEI refers to polyether imide

Referred to as PEI

Polyetherimide, Polyetherimide referred to as PEI [1], is an amber transparent solid, without adding any additives have inherent flame retardancy and low smoke, oxygen index of 47%, combustion grade UL94-V-0 , The density of 1.28 ~ 1.42g / cm3.PEI has a strong high temperature stability, even non-enhanced PEI, still has a good toughness and strength, so the use of PEI superior thermal stability can be used to produce high-temperature heat-resistant devices . With excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance and wear resistance, and through the microwave. PEI also has good flame resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. The temperature is very high, up to 215 ° C.PEI also has a very low shrinkage and good mechanical properties such as the direction of adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other filler can achieve the purpose of enhanced modification ; also and other engineering plastics heat Molecular alloy, can be -160 ~ 180 ℃ operating temperature long-term use.

The US Underwriters Laboratories have specified that the long-term use temperatures of the polyetherimide resin are 338T and 356T (depending on the grade) and the combustion rating is UL94V & mdash; 0 (10 mil thickness.) The oxygen index reaches 47, and the polyetherimide meets the aircraft The FAA has a glass transition temperature of 419F and is allowed to be intermittently used at 392F, resulting in a short-term offset at higher temperatures. At 356T, the tensile The temperature and flexural modulus are above 41 and 2068 MPa, respectively, and with glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced materials have higher strength and stiffness near glass transition temperature.

The long-term creep resistance of polyether imides at high temperatures and stresses allows them to replace metal and other materials in many structural equipment, exhibiting excellent electrical properties at variable temperature, moisture and frequency conditions. The low loss factor at the frequency gives the polyetherimide a high microwave wearability, and its ionic contaminants are low in the range of 250F100% R. H. And 207 kPa 120 hours after the extraction of water conductivity, more than 20 megohm, it can be used as an insulating material for electronic sensor components.

Polyether imides are excellent coating and film forming materials that form coatings and films suitable for use in the electronics industry and can be used to make microporous membranes with a pore size of <0.1 μ="" m="" and="" a="" high="" permeability.="" for="" high="" temperature="" adhesives="" and="" high="" strength="">

PEI board is non-crystalline plastic is an amorphous high-performance polymer, is made of amorphous PEI (polyetherimide) made of engineering plastics extruded through the extruder from high temperature.



Because PEI has excellent integrated balance performance, it is used effectively in metal industry such as electronics, motor and aviation, and is used as metal substitute material for traditional products and cultural life.Using PEI to replace metal-made optical fiber connector can make the best component structure (For air-conditioning temperature sensors) for controlling the external temperature of the vehicle compartment, and for the control of the external temperature of the vehicle compartment (eg, for the manufacture of high-temperature connectors, high-power lights and indicator lights) Air and fuel mixture temperature sensor (effective combustion temperature sensor). Can also be used as high temperature lubricating oil erosion of the vacuum pump impeller, 180 ° C operation of the burner grinding glass connector (bearing), non-illuminated anti-fog Lamp of the mirror.

Injection process

Drying: PEI has moisture absorption characteristics and can lead to material degradation. Requirements of the humidity value should be less than 0.02%. Recommended drying conditions for 150 ℃, 4 hours of drying.

Melting temperature: the general type of material 340 ~ 400 ℃; enhanced type of material 340 ~ 415 ℃.

Mold temperature: 107 ~ 175 ℃, the proposed mold temperature is 140 ℃.

Injection pressure: 700 ~ 1500bar.

Injection speed: Use as high as possible injection speed.

Xiamen Branch yuan Plastic Co., Ltd. professional R & D production and sales of modified engineering plastics integration company, the company specializing in the production of modified engineering plastics, according to product performance requirements for your tailor-made to meet their own materials, all products can meet the international material testing Standards, can provide SGS ; UL ; environmental protection and other related certification.

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Long-term sale of PEI general-purpose, enhanced, wear-resistant, high temperature, low warpage, high flow and plastic alloy for a variety of applications such as a series of products.

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