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PPS price concessions PPS engineering plastic factory direct, plus carbon fiber, plus carbon fiber conductive black plus fiber; plus fiber 40 black; flame retardant PPS, etc.

Abstract: PPS price concessions PPS engineering plastic factory direct, plus carbon fiber, plus carbon fiber conductive black plus fiber; plus fiber 40 black; flame retardant PPS, etc.
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PPS engineering plastic price concessions manufacturers direct sales

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Chinese name : PPS plastic

English name : Phenylenesulfide

Alias : polyphenylene sulfide

Specific gravity : 1.36 g / cm3

Molding shrinkage : 0.7%

Molding temperature: 300-330 ° C

Pps is a white powder with an average molecular weight of 0.4-0.5 million, a density of 1.3-1.8 g per cubic centimeter , pps has a very excellent thermal performance.With the addition of glass fiber reinforced thermal performance index higher at 232 degrees Celsius by 5000h Thermal aging, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, filler, etc. to enhance its mechanical properties , modified pps in the long-term workload and heat load to maintain high mechanical properties and dimensional stability , which can be applied to the temperature High force in the environment.
Pps dielectric constant is very small, dielectric loss is very low, the surface resistivity and volume resistivity of frequency, temperature, humidity changes are not sensitive, is an excellent electrical insulation material, its arc time is longer, pps Chemical stability is quite good, in addition to strong oxidizing acid, such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia erosion, it is not the majority of acid and alkali salt erosion, with close to the chemical stability of PTFE . Celsius is not soluble in any known organic solvent, pps and general organic solvent contact does not occur when the plastic parts cracking phenomenon.

Chemical resistance: At present, it has not been found that the solvent can dissolve the polyphenylene sulfide at 200 ℃ , and it is highly resistant to inorganic acid, alkali and salt, and is resistant to chlorobenzene and oxidizing acid, oxidizer, Hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite.
PPS resistance to radiation is good, radiation resistance to Gy 1 × 108 , other engineering plastics can not match the new materials in the electronics, electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, aviation, aerospace, military, especially in the field of atomic bombs, The only ideal material for radiation.
PPS itself is quite stable chemical structure, and contains the flame retardant elements of the sulfur, so the PPS has excellent flame resistance. The test piece lit, adjust the oxygen and nitrogen flow rate observed burning situation. The oxygen concentration of the continuous combustion is the limit oxygen index, the higher the value, the better the flammability, and the pure oxygen index of pure PPS can be as high as 44 , and it has excellent flame resistance. The limit of PPS with filler or glass fiber Oxygen index is higher, the flame resistance is better.
Pure PPS can pass through UL-94 V0 at a thickness of 0.8 mm . Basically , UL94 flammability of various grades of PPS is V-0 , except for a few grades such as super toughness. The super-tough series PPS contains some toughening agent, will sacrifice some of the flammability.  
Pure PPS and PPS grades without addition of conductive materials have excellent electrical insulation properties . The addition of carbon fiber PPS grade has a very low volume resistivity.



The application of pps is centered on its excellent heat resistance, taking into account its anti-friction and self-lubricating properties, chemical stability, dimensional stability, flame retardancy and electrical insulation , etc. In the chemical industry pps can be used for synthesis, Petrol , eccentric wheels, bearings, clutches and wear parts; pps main use or in the field of electrical and electronic equipment , such as the production of materials , such as the production of materials , Transformer skeleton, high-frequency coil skeleton, plugs, sockets, wiring planes, contactor drum drums and various precision parts .

Injection molding: can be used general injection molding machine, glass fiber reinforced PPS melt index to 50. Injection molding process conditions: barrel temperature, pure PPS 280 ~ 330 ℃, 40% GFPPS 300-350 ℃; nozzle temperature, Pure PPS is 305 ℃, 40% GFPPS is 330 ℃; mold temperature 120-180 ℃; injection pressure, 50-130MPA. Cylinder temperature : front: 220 ~ 260 ℃ middle: 290 ~ 310 ℃ back: 300 ~ 320 ℃ Nozzle: 290 ~ 300 ℃, injection pressure: 60 ~ 70Mpa4) Injection speed: medium speed. Injection time: According to the size of parts to determine the parts filled with mold, and the surface of the basic cooling is better .

Xiamen Branch yuan Plastic Co., Ltd. professional R & D production and sales of modified engineering plastics integration company, the company specializing in the production of modified engineering plastics, according to product performance requirements for your tailor-made to meet their own materials, all products can meet the international material testing Standards, can provide SGS ; UL; environmental protection and other related certification.

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