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PC / PA6 Alloy Injection Molding Grade

PC / PA6 Alloy Injection Molding Grade
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PC / PA6 reinforced alloy

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PC / PA6 reinforced alloy

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Injection Molding Grade

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PC / PA6 alloy Introduction:

PC / ABS, polycarbonate and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers and blends are thermoplastic plastics made from Polycarbonate and polyacrylonitrile (ABS) alloys, combining two materials (UV) and other properties, the color is transparent particles, can be widely used in automotive interior parts, business machines, communications equipment, home appliances, electrical appliances, electrical properties, impact strength and temperature resistance, anti-ultraviolet (UV) (PC) has good mechanical strength, resistance to impact performance, dimensional stability and good thermal stability and other advantages, so that in the electronics industry, the automotive industry, the construction industry, medical equipment, and many other traditions The field has an important and wide range of application value, and has been expanded to aerospace and computer classes and other high-end new industry applications, is a comprehensive performance is very superior general engineering materials. But it also has the processing flow is poor, not resistant to solvent erosion, easy to wear, easy stress cracking, and expensive and other defects, so that its application has been greatly limited. The modification of PC is an important means to improve its performance, reduce production costs and broaden the scope of application. Based on this we have proposed to polycarbonate polycarbonate to prepare to meet the actual production needs of high-performance engineering plastics. Polyamide 6 (PA6) has good mechanical strength, melt flow and oil resistance; polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) chemical resistance is better and easy to process molding and so on. The PC / PA6 and PC / PBT alloys were prepared by blending PC and PA / PBT respectively to maintain the toughness and dimensional stability of the PC. At the same time, both PA6 and PBT were resistant to chemical resistance, stress cracking and easy molding. Characteristics, to achieve the advantages of complement each other. The optimum compatibility, mechanical properties and flow properties of PC / PA6 and PC / PBT alloys were studied. (1) The effects of KT-3 and SMA compatibilizers on the compatibilization of PC / PA6 alloy and the effect on the properties of the alloy were compared to determine the best compatibilizer. The experimental results show that KT-3 is the best, can reach 10.6KJ / m2. On the basis of the preferred compatibilizer, the optimum compatibilizer content was fixed, and the effects of different amounts of PC and PA6 on the impact strength, tensile strength and flexural strength of PC / PA6 blends were studied to determine the best PC / PA6 alloy ratio. The mechanical properties and mechanical properties of pure PC / PA6 alloy and pure PC were compared. The experimental results show that the performance of PC / PA6 alloy is better than that of pure PC, which obviously improves the purity of pure PC processing. It is difficult to process and be sensitive to the gap. At the same time, the purpose of PC cost is reduced, Materials can be more widely used. (2) KT-22,8900 and PTW were used to study the effect of KT-22,8900 and PTW on the properties of PC / PBT alloy. The effects of crosslinking inhibitor Effect of adding on the performance of PC / PBT alloy. The experimental results show that the effect of the three compatibilizers on the tensile strength of PC / PBT alloy is almost the same. Compared with the addition of alloy, KT-22,8900 and PTW alloy have increased the elongation at break and the impact strength Large, of which 8900, PTW slightly better than KT-22. It is shown that the addition of compatibilizing agent also enhances the compatibility of PC / PBT alloy, but also plays a very good toughening effect, which greatly improves the impact strength of PC / PBT blending system and makes the alloy have good mechanics performance. The

PC / ABS alloy can combine the excellent performance of both. On the one hand to improve the ABS heat resistance and tensile strength, on the other hand reduce the melt viscosity of the PC to improve the processing performance and reduce the stress and impact strength of the product thickness of the sensitivity.

PC and ABS have a certain compatibility, but the compatibility of PC and ABS by the two components of the model, ratio and processing technology and other factors a great impact. In order to effectively improve the interface compatibility, the most effective way is to add a compatibilizer in the blending system. Common compatibilizers are maleic anhydride MAH grafted POE, ABS graft, PE graft, polystyrene maleic anhydride graft copolymer (SMA), acrylic or methacrylate copolymer, Amine, SAN, two-component capacity and so on.

PC / ABS alloy advantages:

PC / ABS alloy compared with PC, mainly has the following advantages:

First, under a wide range of conditions will only be plastic damage, residual stress reduction, resistance to stress cracking increased at room temperature, the impact of the PC 3 to 4 times.

Second, good resistance to boiling water, after 100 ℃, 240 hours after treatment, the tensile strength and bending strength of the same, the tensile strength of the same conditions for the PC more than 3 times.

Third, anti-aging performance, by 120 ℃, 140 hours after treatment, the impact of the PC is still more than 2 times.

Fourth, good weather resistance, outdoor exposure 2 years, tensile strength and bending strength is almost unchanged, the impact of more than 4 times the PC.

5, melt viscosity reduced by 1/3, so the molding temperature can be low, easy molding, residual stress reduction, product color is also better. In addition, the melt viscosity of the blend decreases with the increase of the molding pressure, and the moldability is improved.

The main products are: PC / ABS, PMMA / ABS, PC / PET, PC / PBT, PP / PE, PP / PA66, ABS / PET, PVC / ABS, PPO / PA, PA / PPS and so on.

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