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Pc-pbt alloy plastic material

Pc-pbt alloy plastic material
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Pc-pbt alloy plastic material

PC-PBT is a blend of PC and PBT, usually in the form of pellets after the blending of the material

PC-PBT is a blend of PC and PBT, usually in the form of pellets after the blending of the material. If only two kinds of simple mixing, direct injection, the effect is poor, there will be stratification

PC has the advantage of room temperature just tough, but the case of high temperature, heat deformation is serious. The disadvantage is that the stress is cracked and the viscosity is large. The advantage of PBT is that its rigidity is not affected by temperature and the deformation is small. The blended material PC-PBT retains the advantages of both

PC-PBT has a high surface hardness, high rigidity and toughness, but also a high ability to resist high temperature, but also a high resistance to stress cracking; its mechanical properties between the two

The high temperature deformation is of great significance to the large shell material.

PC + PBT is a plastic alloy, it maintains the crystallization of PBT chemical resistance and easy molding and other characteristics, but also both non-crystalline material PC toughness and dimensional stability. Its products are widely used in car bumpers, car handles, electronic components and so on. PC / PBT has comprehensive characteristics of both PC and PBT, such as high toughness and geometrical stability of PC and chemical stability, thermal stability and lubricating properties of PBT.

The main products are: PC / ABS, PMMA / ABS, PC / PET, PC / PBT, PP / PE, PP / PA66, ABS / PET, PVC / ABS, PPO / PA, PA / PPS and so on.

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