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PC alloy polycarbonate

PC alloy polycarbonate
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PC alloy universal polycarbonate

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PC alloy introduction:

(Polycarbonate) abbreviated as pc is a colorless transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. PC alloy is a kind of new material which is obtained by physical blending or chemical grafting method with high performance, function and specialization.

Polycarbonate colorless and transparent, heat, impact resistance, flame retardant, in the general use of temperature have good mechanical properties. Compared with polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate has better impact resistance, high refractive index, good processing performance and no flame resistance with ul94 v-0 grade. However, polymethyl methacrylate is relatively low in price relative to polycarbonate, and can produce large-scale devices by bulk polymerization. With the increasing scale of polycarbonate production, the price difference between polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate is shrinking.
Polycarbonate has poor wear resistance. Some polycarbonate devices for ease of wear require special handling of the surface.

Polycarbonate is a common material. Because of its colorless and transparent and excellent impact resistance, daily common applications are CDs, eye films, water bottles, bulletproof glass, goggles, bank anti-bullet glass, headlights, etc., animal cage pet cage. Polycarbonate is also used to make moonlight astronauts helmets. Apple's ipod music player and ibook laptop shell are also made using polycarbonate.

PC alloy classification:

Pc / abs alloy, pc and abs blends can be integrated pc and abs excellent performance, on the one hand can improve the heat resistance of abs, impact and tensile strength, on the other hand can reduce the pc cost and melt viscosity, Processing performance, reduce the product stress and impact strength of the product thickness of the sensitivity.

Pc / pbt (polybutylene terephthalate) alloy, pbt and pc blends made of alloy material can improve pc mobility, improve the processing performance and chemical resistance.

Pc / ps (polystyrene) alloy, pc / pet (polyethylene terephthalate) alloy, liquid crystal polyester modified pc, pet / pcl (from ethylene glycol, low molecular weight polycaprolactone and Phthalic acid copolymerization of multi-block copolyester) and pc blending modified development ... PC alloy applications:

Closely follow the international development trend, coupled with the continuous development of pc alloy materials, pc applications continue to expand, to speed up the expansion of the field of pc consumption.
Wide-wave light-transmitting optical instruments,
Pc sheet is particularly suitable for the production of glasses lenses, pc molecular chain in the introduction of silicon groups, can improve its hardness and scratch resistance. Pc as a high refractive index plastic, for the production of high temperature optical fiber core material, if the pc chain in the ch chain for the cf chain replaced, you can reduce the absorption of visible light, can effectively reduce the transmission of the signal loss. In addition pc good light transmission, transparent window materials, high-rise building walls, airports and sports venues transparent building materials and other aspects of the application is very common and potential, the future focus is to improve the surface hardness and antistatic properties. Pc chip impact. Glassy film thickness: ordinary resin film is very thick, thick glass, the thin film in the thin, pc film and high folding resin thinner, high folding glass thinnest.
Flame retardant environmentally friendly communications appliances, the future should focus on the development of flame retardant pc for the field of communications appliances, so no pollution, flame retardant pc material to become the focus of development, brominated flame retardants due to reduced toxicity in the use of halogen-free environmental phosphorus resistance The flame will significantly reduce the pc heat distortion temperature and impact strength, so the more appropriate is the silicone flame retardant. In addition, with the lightweight miniaturization of communications appliances on the pc material put forward higher requirements, the current pc / abs alloy is particularly suitable for communications and aerospace industry in the application.
Surface metallized automotive parts, pc surface after the metal has a good metallic luster and high strength, widely used in a variety of auto parts, but the plating process will reduce its impact toughness, so the use of elastomer and pc total Mixed modification, containing elastomers dispersed cracking stress, although the plating will not reduce its impact toughness, so the plating grade pc resin is very promising. Another surface metallized pc can also be used as a shielding material for electromagnetic waves, the application of computers.

The main products are: PC / ABS, PMMA / ABS, PC / PET, PC / PBT, PP / PE, PP / PA66, ABS / PET, PVC / ABS, PPO / PA, PA / PPS and so on.

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