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PEI polyether imide

PEI polyether imide
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PEI polyether imide

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PEI polyetherimide

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PEI Plastic Introduction:

Polyetherimide, Polyetherimide referred to as PEI, is amber transparent solid, do not add any additives have inherent flame retardant and low smoke, Oxygen index of 47%, combustion grade UL94-V-0 level, the density of 1.28 ~ 1.42g / cm3. PEI has a strong high temperature stability, even non-enhanced PEI, still has a good toughness and strength. So the use of PEI superior thermal stability can be used to make high-temperature heat-resistant devices. With excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance and wear resistance, and through the microwave. PEI also has good flame resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties. Glass transition temperature is high, up to 215 ℃. PEI also has a very low shrinkage and good mechanical properties in the same direction. Adding glass fiber, carbon fiber or other filler can achieve the purpose of enhancing the modification; can also be composed of other engineering plastics heat polymer alloy, can be -160 ~ 180 ℃ operating temperature long-term use.

PEI plastic features:

1): PEI is a very stable thermoplastic engineering resin

2): PEI resin is a prominent performance is able to withstand long-term high temperature test. This high thermal resistance, coupled with excellent flammability and UL laboratory certification, PEI resin in line with the harsh requirements of high temperature applications.

3): (ductility) PEI resin not only unparalleled both high strength and high modulus characteristics, it also has outstanding ductility. Its yield stretch extends so that it is free to combine a variety of easy-to-fit buckle designs. Even with only 10% glass fiber reinforced, the PEI 2100 resin can maintain ductility in the temperature range below zero to 200 ° C.

4): (impact strength) PEI 1000 resin has excellent practical impact resistance. In view of the PEI resin showing the notch sensitivity, it is recommended to follow the standard design principles. Minimize the application concentration point (eg sharp angle) in the injection molded part to provide maximum impact strength. PEI AT * 100 resin is designed for applications requiring high impact performance. This series of gap Izod impact up to 15km / mз.

5): (fatigue resistance) For the cycle of loading or swing parts, fatigue is a lifetime design considerations.

6): (Creep behavior) When considering the mechanical properties of any thermoplastic, the designer must recognize the effect of temperature, stress levels and load duration on material properties. PEI resins also exhibit excellent creep resistance even at temperatures and stresses that can not be used with many other thermoplastics.

7): PEI resin has excellent electrical properties, in a wide range of environmental conditions can remain stable. Coupled with thermal and mechanical properties, PEI resins are ideal for demanding electronic and electrical applications

8) (relative permittivity) Although the application may require a relative or higher relative to the absolute value of the permittivity, but the more important is that these values ​​remain stable over the entire operating temperature and / or frequency range.

PEI injection molding process:

Drying: PEI has moisture absorption characteristics and can lead to material degradation. Require humidity should be less than 0.02%. Recommended drying conditions for 150 ℃, 4 hours of drying.

Melting temperature: the general type of material 340 ~ 400 ℃; enhanced type of material 340 ~ 415 ℃.

Mold temperature: 107 ~ 175 ℃, the proposed mold temperature is 140 ℃.

Injection pressure: 700 ~ 1500bar.

Injection speed: Use as high as possible injection speed.

PEI plastic applications:

Because PEI has excellent comprehensive balance performance, it is used effectively in the industrial sectors such as electronics, motor and aviation, and used as a substitute for traditional products and cultural life of metal materials. The use of PEI instead of metal manufacturing fiber optic connectors, can optimize the structure of components, simplify its manufacturing and assembly steps, to maintain a more accurate size. For use in the automotive field, such as sensors (air conditioning temperature sensors) for controlling the external temperature of the car compartment and sensors (effective combustion temperature sensors) for controlling the temperature of the air and fuel mixture, for the manufacture of high temperature connections, high power lights and indicator lights. Can also be used as a high temperature resistant oil erosion of the vacuum pump impeller, 180 ° C operation of the burner of the grinding glass connector (socket), non-illuminated anti-fog lamp reflector.

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