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POM conductive level

POM conductive level
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POM conductive grade Electrically conductive

Product Description Product Description

POM conductive level Electrically Conductive

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Injection Molding Grade

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Character / black / other colors / particles

Modified conductive POM Introduction:

Conductive anti-static POM is based on POM raw materials, add carbon fiber, carbon black, metal fiber, metal powder, permanent anti-static masterbatch and other mixing made, can achieve anti-static, conductive and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and other functions , Conductive anti-static POM with high rigidity, high hardness, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, self-lubricating, high elastic modulus, chemical resistance and other properties.

POM limit oxygen index of only 15%, is extremely easy to burn the plastic varieties.
POM as engineering plastics are widely used in automotive, electrical and electronic and building materials and other fields, these areas of the material flame retardant requirements are higher. Because of the poor compatibility between POM and other materials, it is difficult to prepare flame retardant POM with excellent performance by adding flame retardant directly.
A flame retardant POM with composite flame retardant of PURT coated nitrogen - based flame retardant melamine cyanurate (MCA). The composite flame retardant has good compatibility with POM, which avoids the deterioration of the material performance caused by the direct mixing of flame retardant and POM matrix.

When the total mass fraction of PURT / MCA is 30% (the mass fraction of M CA is 21%), the oxygen index of flame retardant POM is increased from 15% to 26%. The flame retardancy of MAO is mainly due to endothermic cooling The main, MCA decomposition into melamine and isocyanic acid and decomposition products, melamine high temperature sublimation heat absorption can reduce the combustion temperature; melamine and isocyanide further decomposition to generate CO2, NH 3 and other inert gases can dilute the air oxygen and POM pyrolysis Of the flammable gas formaldehyde concentration, effectively inhibit the combustion; and melamine can effectively absorb formaldehyde, POM to improve the thermal oxygen stability, effectively improve the flame retardant properties of materials [37]. The flame retardancy of POM was greatly improved by adding M g (OH) 2] and ammonium polyphosphate (APP) as POM flame retardant. When M g (OH) 2 was added, OH) 2 is 60%, the limiting oxygen index of the material is increased from 15% to 40%, and the horizontal combustion rate is reduced from 0.33 mm / s to O. 31 mm / s.

APP flame retardant POM effect is better than Mg (OH) 2, in the APP mass fraction of 25%, can be made self-extinguishing POM

Modified conductive POM applications:

Gears, bearings, auto parts, electronic spare parts and other products.

(1) In the field of electronics and electrical appliances, the anti-static turnover box, IC and LCD tray, IC package, wafer carrier, film tape, etc. used in the production of precision electronic originals such as integrated circuits, wafers, sensor jackets and so on

② Explosion-proof products of the shell and structural parts, such as: coal, oil tankers, oil, dust and combustible gases and other occasions in the use of electrical products, shells and structural parts

③ medium and high voltage cable used in the semiconductor shield material

④ electrical products, telecommunications, computers, automation systems, industrial electronics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other areas of electrical products EM shield shell

Modified POM types:

Modified pom, resistant pom, resistant pom, weather resistant pom, oil resistant pom, hydrolysis resistant pom, high (low) temperature pom, heat pom, high viscosity POM, high toughness POM , High stiffness pom, high hardness pom, glass reinforced pom low warpage pom low latent pom fatigue resistance pom creep pom high flow pom thermal stability pom anti-static pom flexibility pom etc ...

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