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POM stainless steel reinforced / shielded

POM stainless steel reinforced / shielded
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POM stainless steel reinforced / shielded pom

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Injection Molding Grade

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POM introduction:

Chinese name poly formaldehyde; race steel ~ Trane

English name Polyoxymethylene (Polyformaldehyde)

POM (polyoxymethylene resin) Definition: POM is a side chain, high density, high crystalline linear polymer. According to its molecular chain in the chemical structure of the different, can be divided into two kinds of paraformaldehyde and paraformaldehyde. The difference between the two is that the density, crystallinity and melting point of the homopolymer are high, but the thermal stability is poor, the processing temperature range is narrow (about 10 ℃), the stability of the acid and alkali is slightly lower; and the copolymer formaldehyde density, Melting point, the strength is low, but the thermal stability is good, easy to break down, processing temperature range (about 50 ℃), the acid and alkali stability is better. It is an engineering plastics with excellent overall performance. Has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially with excellent abrasion resistance. Commonly known as steel or steel, for the third largest general plastic. Suitable for the production of wear-resistant wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, as well as chemical, instrumentation and other parts.

POM features:

Advantages: 1, with high mechanical strength and rigidity; 2, the fatigue strength; 3, environmental resistance, good resistance to organic solvents;

4, the resistance to repeated impact strong; 5, a wide range of temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃); 6, good electrical properties;

7, good recovery; 8, with their own lubrication, good wear resistance; 9, excellent size and stability.

POM application:

POM high strength, light weight, commonly used to replace copper, zinc, tin, lead and other nonferrous metals, widely used in industrial machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, daily necessities, pipes and accessories, precision instruments and building materials and other departments.

POM is widely used in the manufacture of various sliding, rotating mechanical parts, do all kinds of gears, levers, pulleys, sprockets, especially suitable for bearings, hot water valves, precision metering valves, conveyor chain and roller, Inside and outside the car handle,

Crankshaft and other window turning machinery, oil pump bearing and impeller gas switch valve, electronic switch parts, fasteners, wire lantern mask, fan parts,

Heating, plate, button; audio and video tape with a variety of pipes and agricultural sprinkler systems and valves, sprinklers, faucets, bath parts; switch keyboard,

Temperature control timer; power tools, garden finishing tool parts; the other can be used as surfboards, sailing and a variety of sled parts, watches, micro-gear, sports equipment, frame accessories and backpack with a variety of buckle,

Fasteners, lighters, zippers, buckles; medical devices in the heart pacemaker; artificial heart valves, vertebrae, prosthetics and so on.

Custom plastic

The purpose of the modified POM is to improve the performance of the POM and to modify the POM. The POM is: POM; Wear-resistant POM; POM; Carbon-grade POM; Molybdenum disulfide Grade POM; conductive grade POM; organic filling grade POM; stainless steel fiber reinforced POM and so on. Specific products can be tailored according to product requirements for your product.

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