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POM wear grade

POM wear grade
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POM Wear Resistant POM

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POM wear grade

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Injection Molding Grade

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Wearable POM Introduction:

POM English name: Polyoxymethylene (Polyformaldehyde) Definition: POM is a linear polymer without side chain, high density and high crystallinity. According to its molecular chain in the chemical structure of the different, can be divided into two kinds of paraformaldehyde and paraformaldehyde.

Modified wear-resistant POM is POM raw materials for the base material to improve the wear resistance coefficient of a ...


1, with high mechanical strength and rigidity; 2, the highest fatigue strength; 3, environmental resistance, good resistance to organic solvents;

4, the resistance to repeated impact strong; 5, a wide range of temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃); 6, good electrical properties;

7, good recovery; 8, with their own lubrication, good wear resistance; 9, excellent size and stability.


Strong acid corrosion, poor resistance, poor adhesion, thermal decomposition and softening temperature close to the small oxygen limited index. Through the modification can improve the shortcomings of POM, so the current market and application of pom modified more and more widely.

POM Application:

Bearings, gears and other high temperature, for pipe laying and other aspects of products. Widely used in textile machinery, plastic, food, electronics, electrical, automotive, light industry, chemical: electronic appliances: washing machine, juice machine timer and other components; car: scroll, handlebar, electric window, snap, slider, Windows, and other parts; mechanical parts, bushings, valves, fasteners, handles, toys, screws, shock absorbers, cams, hose joints, clips, switches, gears, toys and so on. , Electrical appliances: washing machine, juice machine parts, keyboard, timer components, audio / video equipment, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, lighting equipment, insulation, labor insurance, lighting equipment and Dengzhao, tableware, containers,

Modified pom, enhanced pom, toughened pom, flame retardant pom, wear pom, weather pom, oil pom, hydrolysis resistant pom, high (low) temperature pom, heat pom, high viscosity POM, high toughness POM, High stiffness pom, high hardness pom, glass reinforced pom low warpage pom low latent pom fatigue resistance pom creep pom high flow pom thermal stability pom anti-static pom flexibility pom etc ...

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