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PP Flame Retardant Enhanced V0 / Gf Grade

PP Flame Retardant Enhanced V0 / Gf Grade
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PP polypropylene flame retardant grade

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PP polypropylene flame retardant enhanced grade

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Injection Molding Grade

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PP flame retardant level Introduction:

PP polypropylene flame retardant grade flame retardant PP - PP is divided into random copolymer, copolymer, homopolymer, impact copolymerization, random copolymer than other copolymers to be transparent, its appearance color is white, but the case Heat will become transparent, random copolymer is widely used in a variety of high-level gift box, as well as food-grade bottles, PP plastic materials can be blow molding, can also be injection molding, PP quality is very light, soft Good, pure resin PP rigid enough, but by modification can increase its rigidity, such as adding glass fiber, or add calcium carbonate can make its hardness increases. Pure PP resin in the case of no external force 150 degrees will not be deformed, but PP in minus 30 degrees below will be very brittle, PP water absorption is very low, almost no water, so PP insulation performance is relatively good, It is not affected by humidity, PP is not wearable, it is easy to aging, only suitable for general mechanical parts. PP shrinkage after molding is relatively high, generally between 2 percent to 2.5 percent, plus fiber PP shrinkage rate of about 0.8 percent, PP is very sensitive to ultraviolet light, Weatherability is poor.

Flame Retardant PP - Ordinary PP usually crystallizes into a crystal with a larger crystal size . Since the diameter of the spherulite is larger than the visible wavelength , the incident light is scattered , thereby reducing the light transmittance. When PP is added to the PP , when the PP is melted and crystallized , the transparent agent acts as a nucleus , so that the original homogeneous nucleation becomes heterogeneous nucleation , increasing the number of nuclei in the crystal system , The number of spherulites is reduced , so that the crystal size becomes thinner and the transparency of the resin is improved. At present , the addition of nucleating agent to PP is a simple and effective method for transparent modification of PP. According to the chemical structure and composition of nucleating agent , transparent nucleating agent is usually divided into inorganic nucleating agent, polymer nucleating agent And organic nucleating agent three categories. Inorganic nucleating agents are mainly talc, kaolin calcium oxide, etc. , although the source is widely inexpensive , but because of poor compatibility with the resin and poor dispersion , the nucleating agent itself will be turbid and non-homogeneous effect , so the degree of penetration is limited , Macromolecule nucleating agent refers to some of the high melting point of the macromolecule compounds , mainly polyvinyl cyclosilane, cellulose aromatic esters, polyurethane, etc. , but they and the resin blending is not good , and the use of technology Immature , has not yet formed a commercial variety. Organic nucleating agents mainly include sorbitol, phosphate and rosin nucleating agents , with good anti-modified effect. Sorbitol nucleating agent has self-physical polymerization of the aggregation properties , can be dissolved in the molten PP , the formation of homogeneous solution flame retardant PP - found that when the transparent agent content of less than 0.15% ( mass fraction , the same below ) The transparency of PP increases with the increase of the content of the transparent agent , and when the content of the transparent agent exceeds 0.15% , the transparency increases and decreases. Dehydroabietic acid nucleating agents can significantly reduce the haze of PP , improve gloss and improve mechanical properties. ( Dehydroabietic acid ) : ( dehydroabietic acid ) : ( dehydroabietate ) is 1: 1: 1 , and when the mass fraction is 0.3% , the fog of PP The degree decreased by 80% to 7.2%, the gloss increased by 35% to 134.1%, and the mechanical properties were better. Under the polarizing microscope , PP was added to the silica sol , and the spherulite size was the same as that of the nano- SiO2 . When the mass fraction of the silica sol was 0.15% , the transparency of the PP was excellent , and its spherulite size was significantly smaller Silica gel mass fraction of 0.05% when the spherulite size. Compared with the excellent content of nano- SiO2 , its spherulite size is also smaller. This shows that the PP value of the haze reduction , transparency and the size of the spherulite has a great relationship. Spherical crystal small size of the place , high crystallinity , good transparency. When a variety of transparent agents are added at the same time , the synergistic effect is achieved between different transparent agents , the PP crystallization rate is greatly improved , the spherulite size becomes smaller , the dispersion is more uniform , and the transparency of PP is significantly improved.
Flame Retardant PP - October 25 , 2010 - The newly designed meat packaging tray is used by LyondellBasell Polypropylene (PP) , considering the overall environmental benefits when the choice of resin is critical, MOPLEN PP is low Environmental impact compared to other plastic pallet applications, this low-density PP makes the production process of carbon emissions by 23 %, which is equivalent to about 305 households per year emissions , Moplen competitive plastic resin, in the production of Total water consumption is expected to fall by 71 %, equivalent to a reduction of 156 Olympic-sized swimming pools filled with fresh water. And Basel PP to meet the high rigidity of the application requirements of customers, to withstand the refrigerator, microwave oven extreme temperature. Resins comply with FDA and EU food contact regulations. As more and more customers require high performance , specialty polypropylene ( PP ) products, Basell 's upgraded process design and capacity expansion will include the use of other copolymers such as hexene comonomer Production of products, tubes, complex film and medical industry applications required performance. The plant's production capacity is expected to increase by 50 KT per year with a total capacity of 235 KT per year. This high- performance PP material made of special film provides better creep properties and excellent processability to meet customer needs to improve toughness, softness and higher melt strength, which can reduce raw materials and energy cost.
Sale of flame retardant PP environmental PP material high temperature PP drawing grade PP high fat PP plus glass fiber PP.

Through the modification can change the shortcomings of PP raw materials: Branch yuan Plastic Co., Ltd. plastic business scope includes: flame retardant PP enhanced PP cold PP toughening PP high impact PP and LFT long fiber PP etc ..

All materials are used internationally renowned brands as the base material; can be detected by the relevant national testing unit certification: free of charge to provide SGS; UL environmental protection and other test reports and material properties table ...

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