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PPS plastic polyphenylene sulfide Phenylenesulfide

PPS plastic polyphenylene sulfide Phenylenesulfide
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PPS plastic particles

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Introduction to pps:

Chinese name: polyphenylene sulfide

English name: Phenylenesulfide

Pps is a white powder with an average molecular weight of 0.4-0.5 million, a density of 1.3-1.8 g per cubic centimeter, and pps has excellent thermal properties. Adding glass fiber reinforced thermal performance index higher, at 232 degrees C after 5000h heat aging, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, filler, etc. to enhance its mechanical properties, modified pps in the long-term workload and heat load The role of maintaining high mechanical properties and dimensional stability, which can be applied to the high temperature of the stress environment.

POM (polyoxymethylene resin) Definition: POM is a side chain, high density, high crystalline linear polymer. According to its molecular chain in the chemical structure of the different, can be divided into two kinds of paraformaldehyde and paraformaldehyde. The difference between the two is that the density, crystallinity and melting point of the homopolymer are high, but the thermal stability is poor, the processing temperature range is narrow (about 10 ℃), the stability of the acid and alkali is slightly lower; and the copolymer formaldehyde density, Melting point, the strength is low, but the thermal stability is good, easy to break down, processing temperature range (about 50 ℃), the acid and alkali stability is better. It is an engineering plastics with excellent overall performance. Has good physical, mechanical and chemical properties, especially with excellent abrasion resistance. Commonly known as steel or steel, for the third largest general plastic. Suitable for the production of wear-resistant wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, as well as chemical, instrumentation and other parts.

Synthetic resin in a, also known as polyoxymethylene resin, POM plastic, race steel, etc .; is a white or black plastic particles, with high hardness, high rigidity, high wear resistance characteristics. Mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, instrument, such as the role of internal skeleton products.

PPS features:

1, electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation) fine, white hard and brittle, fell on the ground with metal sound, light transmission after the plexiglass, the **** water resistance, good chemical stability. Has excellent flame retardancy for noncombustible plastic.

2, the strength of the general rigidity is good, but the crisp, easy to produce stress embrittlement; intolerant benzene, gasoline and other organic solvents; long-term use of up to 260 degrees; 400 degrees in the air or nitrogen to maintain stability. By adding glass fiber or other reinforced materials modified, you can make the impact strength greatly improved heat resistance and other mechanical properties. Density increased to 1.6-1.9, forming shrinkage reduced to 0.15-0.25% suitable for the production of heat-resistant parts, insulation and chemical equipment, optical instruments and other parts.

3, forming performance, amorphous material, moisture absorption is small, but should be dry after forming.

4, liquidity between the ABS and PC. Solidification fast, shrink small, easy to break down, the scope of application can generally be used in the manufacture of PPS pipe, PPS sheet and other materials, used for construction, home.

PPS application:

1, the machinery industry: the machinery industry is particularly used in high humidity, strong corrosion of the environment under the preparation of components. Used in shells, structural parts, wear parts and sealing materials, such as: pump shell, pump wheel, valve, bearing, bearing bracket, piston ring and gear, pulley, fan, flowmeter parts, flange, Head, counter, level and so on.

2, electronic appliances: PPS for the electrical and electronic industry can account for 30%, it is suitable for ambient temperature higher than 200 ℃ high temperature electrical components; can manufacture generators and hair Driven on the TV, can be used for high voltage shell and socket, terminal and terminal board, etc .; in the electronics industry, manufacturing transformers, choke ring And relay skeleton and shell, integrated circuit carrier; the use of high-frequency performance, manufacturing H-class bobbin and fine-tuning capacitors. Miniature electronic components packaging, connectors, connectors, sockets, coil skeleton, motor shell, electromagnetic adjustment disk, TV tuner, relay, fine-tuning capacitors, fuse bracket, tape recorders, magnetic devices and other components. Also used in precision instruments: computers, timers, tachometers, copiers, cameras, temperature sensors and various measuring instruments for housings and components.

3, the automotive industry: PPS for the automotive industry accounted for about 45%, mainly for automotive functional parts; igniter, heater, carburetor, clutch, transmission, gear box, bearing bracket, lamp cover, bumper, fan, As well as the components of the mirror and the lamp holder. Can replace the metal cylinder exhaust valve and pump impeller, pneumatic signal mediator, and so on.

4, household appliances: hot air duct, curlers, hair dryer, perm, microwave ovens, coffee pots, dryers, irons, rice cookers and other protective coatings and parts.

Custom plastic

The purpose of the modified PPS is to improve the processing performance, and can specifically modify the PPS varieties are: enhanced PPS; wear-resistant enhanced grade PPS; carbon fiber grade PPS; carbon fiber wear Level PPS and so on. Specific products can be tailored according to product requirements for your product.

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