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Phenylene Sulfide Phenylene Sulfide

Phenylene Sulfide Phenylene Sulfide
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Phenylene Sulfide Phenylene Sulfide

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PPS carbon fiber reinforced

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a brief introdction:

Carbon fiber conductive plastic with fire performance, generally used in the door of the door shutter doors, gas stove, flooring, paint, ceramics and other general use of carbon fiber conductive plastic. So the advent of these conductive materials on our country all walks of life have brought a qualitative breakthrough, but also by the enterprise's technical field has been a big upgrade. But also our country in the carbon fiber enhanced PPS application of this aspect of science and technology a big step forward. Carbon fiber conductive materials to create a full range for a number of areas.

Carbon fiber reinforced PPS is a carbon fiber added polyphenylene sulfide polyamide, the English name Poly (p-phenylene sulfide) alias poly p-phenylene sulfide; polyphenylene sulfide abbreviation PPS identification CAS No. 9016-75- 5 Properties Chemical formula (SC6H4) x Density 1.34 to 1.36 g / cm³ Melting point 288 ° C Unless otherwise stated, all data are from general conditions (25 ° C, 100 kPa). Density: 1.41 g / cm3 Shrinkage: 0.2% Notched impact strength: 6.6 Tensile strength: 164 MPa Elongation at break: 8.2% Bending strength: 280 MPa Bending modulus: 22.1 MPa

PPS Polyphenylene sulfide Phenylene Sulfide Carbon fiber reinforced grade Features:

Conductive, high modulus, low density, high temperature, low wear. In the water size stability is very good, wear and conductive.

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) thermoplastic polymer, carbon fiber reinforced PPS is an organic polymer composed of aromatic ring with sulfide. Synthetic fibers and textiles derived from polymers are known to resist chemical and thermal attack. PPS is used to make the filter fabric of the coal boiler, paper felting, electrical insulation materials, professional film, washer, packaging. PPS precursor of the conductive polymer of the semi - elastic rod polymer family. PPS, otherwise insulated, can be converted into a semiconductor form of oxidation or use of dopants. Polyphenylene sulfide is an engineering plastic, commonly used today for high performance thermoplastic. [2] PPS can be molded, extruded or processed with high tolerances. Pure solid form, may be opaque white, light brown color. The maximum operating temperature is 218 ° C (424 ° F). PPS is insoluble in any solvent and is found at temperatures below about 200 ° C (392 ° F) by a simple method to determine the metal compounds. Ltd., long-term supply of various modified PPS engineering plastics, plastic products include: enhanced nylon, reinforced flame retardant nylon, flame retardant nylon, toughened nylon, wear-resistant nylon, carbon fiber nylon, ABS, PP, POM, PC, PBT, etc ...

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