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PBT flame retardant glass fiber reinforced grade

PBT flame retardant glass fiber reinforced grade
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PBT Flame Retardant Glass Fiber Reinforced Glass Fiber Reinforced

Modified PBT Introduction:

Polybutylene terephthalate, also known as polytrimethylene terephthalate. English name; Polybutyleneterephthalate Referred to as PBT PBTP or PTMT, which is a polycondensate of benzoic acid with 1,4-butanediol. Can be obtained by transesterification or direct lipidation by polycondensation, the future development trend for the direct esterification production The PBT and PET together are known as thermoplastic polyesters.

Modified PBT was milky white or light yellow, non-toxic, tasteless, the density of 1.31g / cm3, adding 30% glass fiber reinforced PBT density of 1.53 g / cm3.PBT has a good impact toughness, glass reinforced, The mechanical properties of the glass fiber reinforced PBT decreased with the increase of the temperature, but the mechanical properties of the glass fiber were higher than those of the POM, PC and PPO under the same conditions, but the notched impact strength was poor The temperature is still high at different temperatures; at different temperatures, with excellent creep resistance, and almost no time with the change.PBT fatigue resistance than the enhanced PA, PC is good.Because PBT is a crystalline polymer , So the apparent melting point, usually 225 ℃, the processing temperature exceeds 270 ℃, the material began to break down, discoloration .PBT glass transition temperature is low, generally 30 ℃, crystallization faster; PBT heat distortion temperature of 60 ℃ , Glass fiber reinforced significantly increased, adding 30% glass fiber reinforced PBT heat distortion temperature is 200-210 ℃, can be used in the conditions of long-term use of 140 ° C. PBT due to the molecular structure of symmetry and geometric regularity, so with Very excellent electrical properties, higher resistivity and dielectric strength, making PB T is safe in high temperature and harsh environments, better than PA and other reinforced plastics.

Modified PBT engineering plastics in the heat resistance is more prominent, the high melting point, high heat distortion temperature, modified PBT its thermal stability is good, and modified to easily reach the flame retardant V0 level, worth mentioning Is his excellent mechanical strength in the engineering plastics family, strong adaptability in harsh changing environments; high elasticity, low water absorption, even in humid environments, low creep, dimensional stability, self-lubricating Good, high wear resistance; strong resistance to chemical agents on the body. In addition to strong alkali and high temperature water, PBT on other chemicals show a strong inertia; in processing, due to PBT good formability, even the complex structure of precision parts, PBT can be satisfied, because of its own performance Of the advantages of self-industrialization since the rapid development in the field of application, engineering plastics family, PBT's annual growth rate can be described as second to none.

Modified PBT applications:

Application of modified PBT:
A, electronic appliances: connectors, switch parts, household appliances, parts parts, small electric hood (heat resistance, flame retardant, electrical insulation, molding processing);
B, car:
1, exterior parts: the main turning angle Geshan, the engine vent hole cover, etc .;
2, internal parts: mainly endoscopic stay, wiper bracket and control system valve;
3, automotive electrical parts: car ignition coil twister and a variety of electrical connectors, and so on.
(PBT for the number of cars is not less than nylon, polycarbonate and POM, but with the emergence of low warp PBT, the future will be in the automotive parts to get more applications)
C, baking machine parts and a large number of gears, cams, buttons, electronic watch case, camera parts (with heat, heat sink, Flame retardant requirements)

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