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Development of sustainable building materials increased demand driven European polyurethane market Xiamen Yuan plastics co

编辑:Xiamen Yuan plastic co  时间:2016-08-17

Development of sustainable building materials increased demand driven European polyurethane market _ news _ Xiamen modified plastics limited

It was reported that by 2024, the European polyurethane market value expected to reach us $26.24 billion. Rising demand for sustainable building materials, become an important driving force of industrial development.
Construction, automotive, transport, furniture and bedding and other Terminal industry development is the main force of the polyurethane industry, expects the continuous development of the construction industry is the main driving force. Hungary, and Poland and Slovakia and other Eastern European countries would be a great development in the construction industry, thus contributing to the increased demand of rigid polyurethane foam.
Rigid foam consumes up to 2015, 30% of the total European market, reducing energy consumption of fiscal incentive policies will contribute to the development of the rigid foam.
In 2015, the European polyurethane market size of 4.91 million tons, expected in 2024 to 6.9 million tons, a compound annual growth rate of 3.8%.
Polyurethane construction industry consumes up to 2015 and accounted for more than 35% of total. Expect electric grew up in the area, is 5.3%.
In 2015, Germany polyurethane demand, it is estimated that 17.5% per cent of market share. As automotive production and export, Germany demands for rigid foam up to 2015, rigid foams, demand accounted for 30% of polyurethane.
Expected that Russia's demand for polyurethane rose most, 4.3%. Construction of high output and development of the auto industry are expected to promote the development of domestic polyurethane markets.
BASF, Dow, Bayer, Huntsman, and Japan, Evonik is Europe's main producer of polyurethane.

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