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Asahi opens second plastic compounds covered in the US PP, PA66, modified plastics export

编辑:Xiamen Yuan plastic co  时间:2016-08-17

Asahi opens second plastic compounds covered in the US PP, PA66, Xiamen branch-modified plastics exports than domestic sales.

Asahi Kasei Corporation on April 26, 2016, the plastics compound plant 1 (located in the United States in Athens, Alabama) inauguration ceremony, this is Asahi Kasei plastics North America company (referred to as APNA) in the United States built the second plastic factory. Alabama Department of Commerce Secretary-General Greg Canfield, as well as the State of Athens Mayor William r. Marks, Asahi Kasei and APNA related personnel attended the ceremony.
Asahi Kasei composite business global expansion is set to drive strategic growth, a key element of its engineering plastics business, so it's in Asia and the United States of Michigan (APNA headquarters) of the compound facilities have expanded. Alabama new composite material plant will be able to meet United States Southern customers for composites for more supply to demand, and that demand growth is the most significant.
Asahi Kasei also in other regions outside of North America, including Japan, China, Thailand, and Singapore and Germany, building composite plastic base of operations. The company will rely on market demand, continue to develop high quality, high performance composite plastic products, and will continue to explore new methods and new means of expansion.
Asahi Vice President Yuji Kobayashi said: "I am very grateful to Government of Alabama as well as lime stone County Economic Development Association for their enthusiastic support. We are very pleased to be able to build our plastics factory in Athens. Because we find that Asahi enterprise's core value and the city of Athens was in conjunction, such as we are also thinking ahead, open-minded, inclusive. New plants will not only meet in the automotive supplier's role, and is committed to providing modest contributions to the development of the city of Athens. ”

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