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A total investment of 2.4 billion yuan, profit more than 50% unmanned aerial vehicles carbon fiber project will be located in the Bohai Sea zone modified engineering plastics processing and injection molding materials

编辑:Xiamen Yuan plastic co  时间:2016-08-18

Modification of engineering plastics modification injection materials for fibre GF33 flame retardant v0

Yesterday, the air Asia Group Union Chairman James Kelly visited the area in the Bohai Sea.
It is reported that the air Asia Group affiliate program in the Bohai Sea area settled in the 5000 tonnes of carbon fiber raw material manufacturing project, a program launched an annual production capacity of 5000 tons of high-end aerospace grade carbon fiber dimension manufacturing lines, with a total investment of 2.47 billion yuan, annual sales revenue of 6.5 billion yuan, profits of more than 50%. Items used in AC c civil unmanned Black Hawk series, plans to take three years to complete production of large and medium size orders, output value of more than 8 billion yuan. Second-phase projects for carbon fiber car manufacturing project, to carbon fiber industrial chain extension and development of downstream products.
It is reported that the carbon fiber as an important new energy materials, is lightweight, high safety factor. Asia Aviation Group Alliance is composed of many countries and regional cooperation corporate Corporation currently participating countries and regions are China, Australia, and Japan, and Korea, and Singapore and China's Taiwan. Those engaged in general aviation industry engaged in design, manufacture and maintenance of civil aircraft and civil aircraft parts manufacturing, business aviation fixed base operations, aviation composite material development and manufacturing, avionics and systems manufacturing, aerospace ground equipment manufacturing, General aircraft manufacturing training and pilot qualification training.

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