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Eternal God of carbon fiber material power, Tongji University International contest winners GF33 modified engineering plastics and fiber flame retardant v0

编辑:Xiamen Yuan plastic co  时间:2016-08-18

GF33 modification of engineering plastics and fiber flame retardant v0

A few days ago, from 2016 international ultra light composite Bridge good news on student competition on the field, with constant God Corporation carbon fiber materials, design and manufacture of works received many awards.
This time, in the United States during the 19th International advanced materials and Manufacturing Engineering Institute of ultra light composite Bridge student competition, a total of 89 teams competed in 26 domestic and foreign well-known colleges. After several rounds of fierce competition, with constant God hfw190ua/D6 carbon fiber dimensions fabric and el301 epoxy resin design entries stand out of Tongji University, won a number of ranking, won the Group overall, crowned as champion.
Take this opportunity to hang God material in the international arena and compete with other similar materials, and a decent harvest, this indicates that the constant progress of God's material is constantly, gradually narrow the gap with foreign material.

Constant-this name of God was to force! Come on,,,

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