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I am pp, PP called me, here's my resume! Pp; polypropylene fiber modification of polypropylene staple fibre manufacturer plastic

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I am pp, PP called me, here's my resume! Pp; polypropylene fiber ; polypropylene staple fiber manufacturers

PP PP product's friends in micro letter of concern to the public: xmkeyuan, stamp, blue tuned!

First,PE baibazi brothers; PE has a baibazi brothers; PP, is a foreigner named polypropyl, nickname; PP, and later went to China, when in Rome, taking the Chinese name; pp. This guy, and PE are alike, is a thermoplastic body, there was no smell (nontoxic, odorless and tasteless), and is generally not a foreigner does not like. However, rough skin than PE, feels quite hard, having a thinner (light density is only 0. 90--"0". 91g/cm3, is one of the lightest plastics), but higher than the PE (a methyl-CH3), stubborn personality, how to fight, how to fall, heart is not beating, eyes blinking, meat hurt, patted the dust, is a hero. (100 fold plastic deformation recovery performance is good).

Figure: molecular structure of polypropylene

Basic properties of table 1:PP

Chinese name:


Melting point


English name


Water soluble

Very soluble in water

Another name for

Pp; polypropylene fiber polypropylene staple fiber



Chemical formula


CAS number

The year 9003-07-0

Second, history

Third, the same face, different hairstyles (category)

When it comes to family issues, PP and PE are not the same. PE is based on body weight (density) speak, PP's seniority, not so strange. Because they are triplets, face long, hair not quite the same. Boss Sven, hair smooth, like a pot of isotactic; second fashion, make it a symmetrical hair, one long and one short; rules; the youngest is more spoiled and hair the same as killing Matt, chaotic (random), the home and said nothing.

1. the isotactic polypropylene (With state-wide structure-polypropylene), the English abbreviation for IPP:IPP molecules, each containing methyl (-CH3) carbon atoms have the same configuration;

2. polypropylene (abbreviation for SPP): SPP molecules containing methyl (-CH3) are two different configurations of carbon atoms and are arranged alternately;

3. the atactic polypropylene (abbreviation for the APP): APP connected to main chain methyl (-CH3) in the plane of two irregular arrangement.

Classification of specific details, you can click here, to view: "essence" classification and preparation as well as the structure of polyethylene (collection)

Photo: three kinds of PP

Four-way, place of birth and place of birth (Synthesis technology and manufacturer)

PP and PE, as parents are very poor. Qualifications not PE old, but after decades of development, family size and the number is not lower than the PE family (output, manufacturers). Their descendants can usually have five came into the world: soluble liquid method, slurry and bulk, gas phase-gas phase process and ontology. At present, the advanced mode in the world are: gas phase process and ontology-gas phase process. (These technologies are bulk, gas phase method or a combination of bulk and gas-phase technology to produce homopolymer and copolymer, series gas-phase reactor system (one or two) of production impact copolymer. ) More synthesis technology, you can click on the blue link to see: introduction and uses polypropylene (full), PP are common, but the system available for less!

Map:-PP tube technology device models

In addition, production, PP production capacity and production of specific manufacturers, you can click on the blue link to see: a picture to read my PP 20.05 million tons are produced by who?

Click here to view domestic PP distribution patterns of supply and demand: kingfa top: pp where to go? Supply and demand analysis!

Here, you can understand the PP chain: interpretation of kingfa senior PP chain, very good information

Here, you can view the effect of PP price fluctuation factors: factors affecting the polypropylene price movements

Here, you can also view the PP cost analysis: "Futures" on cost analysis of PP polypropylene.

Photo: PP medical products

Five, eating spinach? (Modification)

PP is a is smart of guy, is somewhat glass heart (brittle big, especially low temperature brittle), sometimes also compared high cold (Crystal degrees high), stand too big of grievance (molecular polar small), and other people are not too gregarious (and other polymer (as plastic, and rubber) and inorganic filler of total mixed sex and the stick relay is poor), so, life circle compared small. But, ate spinach (modified), and suddenly, as with a changed man, can be talk with all kinds of people (compatibility enhancements), and like Altman turned, fighting monsters (strength upgrade), fire (flame retardant modification), stealing other people's skills (graft). All in all, spinach eaten, fairies seem unstoppable. PP modification of specific purpose and meaning, you can click on the blue link to see: polypropylene PP modified classic training tutorials

1. physical modification

1) modified : in the PP by adding a certain amount of inorganic fillers, organic filler to improve the performance of certain products, and reduce the cost of materials. For more information you can click on the blue link: flame retardant pp basic knowledge under the sky, Chai Jing will choose environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant PP material!

Photo: PP honeycomb panels

2) reinforced modified : fibrous material is added to plastics, can significantly improve the strength of plastic materials. If you would like more details on PP reinforced plastic, may wish to click on the blue links for more information: 1. why Ford of long glass fiber reinforced PP instead of short glass fiber reinforced PP? 2. modification of PP enterprise must see: motor trend-long glass fiber reinforced plastics PP;3. blonde internal information technology: vehicles with long glass fiber reinforced PP

Photo: long glass fiber reinforced PP (figure: from China Guangdong Nuclear juner)

3) blending : other plastics, rubber or thermoplastic elastomers/PP blends can be both of these properties of polymer alloys;

2. chemical modification

(1) the grafted modification :: PP by grafting modification of PP is cause for other groups in the molecule, PP can be given some special function, can effectively maintain the excellent properties of pp;

(2) the copolymerization : refers to using catalysts modified with acrylic monomers in polymerization stage;

(3) the Crosslinking modification : in order to improve stability, creep resistance, increase strength and heat resistance, as well as melt strength, shorten the cycle time. For more details, you can click on the blue links: 1. foamed high melt strength PP presentation, 2. how hot foamed polypropylene production in recent years?

Map: foamed polypropylene used in the BMW I8

Does drinking wine became Superman, there will not be any sequela? Specific details, you can click on the blue links for more information: analysis of shrinkage of PP modified Polypropylene plastic

Six, Popeye saves the world (specific application and brand Guinness)

After decades of development. PP for his own abilities, there is a certain amount of knowledge. Therefore, in daily life, he played through their ability to change themselves, so as to change the world. Now, he is like an air (films, plastic bags, glasses, chairs, auto parts, electronic appliances and other plastic products), permeates people's lives, people can not do without him. Life see, him, can't see where (plastic tube), still has his.

Table 2:PP table

Daily necessities

Film products

Fiber products

Extrusion products

Hollow products

General PP Often used in injection molded racks, chairs, stools, buckets, pots, toys, stationery, Office supplies, furniture, containers, etc.

Senior clothing, medicines, cigarettes, frozen and fresh food packaging

Ropes, nets, chemical fertilizer, cement, grain, sugar, mineral powder, chemical raw materials, packaging, cloth and other tents, ponchos, color proof

Water, drainage, heating, chemical industrial corrosive media; pipes and fittings

Packaging of detergents, cosmetics and medicines, combined with barrier material in composite cylinders can be used for packaging of food, liquid fuels and chemicals

Electrical: modification of PP For washing machine barrel, TV housings, fan, refrigerator liners, small appliances and other shell.

Capacitors, motors, transformers, insulation materials, typewriters, tape base film, cigarette packing film

Carpets, blankets, clothing, mosquito nets, artificial grass, artificial fur, diaper, cloth, non-woven fabric and curtain

Stationery and plastic products, such as folders, brand name, album, disposable cups

Car: bumper and wheel casing cover, dashboard, steering wheel, handle, jar, etc.

Rods, plates and other products

Of course, if you want to understand how to change your PP is going to change the world, then you can click on the blue links, viewing:

1. the car

1. "Poly stone chemical" skeleton transformer why choose flame retardant PP material?

2. polypropylene structure performance and application in home appliances and automobiles (collection)

3. disclosure: in recent years is widely used in cars of foam material-high melt strength PP

4. performance analysis and application of polypropylene materials

Photo: bumper

2. household appliances

1. the application of modified PP in household appliances

Photo: PP home appliances products

3. transparent PP

1. transparent polypropylene has never been so good-you're going through selection of materials innovation

2. China's first pass the YY/T0242-2007 test of medical use of transparent polypropylene

Photo: Matt silk Cap (transparent glossy PP)

4. food grade

1. theRepRap developed food-grade 3D printing materials polypropylene (PP)

5. thin film

Introduction of 1.BOPP thin film and its production process

2. pay special attention to high performance BOPP films six trends, seize market opportunities so easy!

3.BOPP development of film industry

Map: BOPP film

Of course, do not forget to introduce the PP so many aliases (grades). For more details, you can click on

Blue links:

1.PP material knowledge, a common brand manufacturers as well as application (PP grades);

2.PP national standard grade nomenclature nomenclature (PP grades)

3.PP brand and the book (under PP grades)

Seven, everybody watch together, polypropylene future in which direction will not stop the car?

Development of PP will go farther down that road? List for all five of the following directions:

1. medical grade polypropylene?

2. foamed PP applications in automotive lightweight?

3. Nano-composite reinforced plastic polypropylene material?

4. environmentally-friendly high-high tenacity polypropylene?

5. pipe polypropylene technology?

Note: more about the development of polypropylene, I hope you can reply in the comments, so that we can talk together, learn together. Articles by aibang polymer exclusive arrangement!

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