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I'm PE, PE called me, here's my resume! Reinforced grade/flame retardant modified engineering plastics manufacturers

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I'm PE, PE called me, here's my resume! Plastic manufacturers

Plastic PE's friends in micro letter of concern to the public, xmkeyuan, stamp, blue tuned!

First, this is my CV

My name is polyethylene (polyethylene, PE for short), when my mother called me; Vinyl , later famous touch roll on the climb, and injuries, scars (aggregation). So, looks like now ( thermoplastic resin – polyethylene). I have no poison, no smell, feel good (wax), the body thief Rod Hardy (-100), just a bit of heat (maximum temperature 70 ℃); but the poison does not invade (acid). Under normal circumstances, I drink less (water absorption), don't call (good insulation).

Figure: molecular structure of polyethylene

Table 1: birth certificate (Basic)

Chinese name

English name

Chemical formula

Accession number





Melting point

Boiling point

Water soluble


92 c

270 c



Second, my history (history)

Figure: the development course of PE

Three, my family (PE category)

Since our family was born on Earth, after decades of development, more and more of the household. We usually use FAT (density) talk, we had five brothers: old shouting:UHMWPE, and the second one is : HDPE, and the third is : MDPE and the old four calls : LDPE, and five brothers were : LLDPE.

1.LDPE: low density polyethylene (also called high pressure polyethylene) for more details, you can click on the blue links:

&Amp;rarr; beginning of the plastic, polyethylene, by nature, learning to push! Master from polyethylene begin!

Map: polyethylene particles

2.MDPE: medium density polyethylene

3.LLDPE: linear low density polyethylene if you would like further information you can click on the blue links: HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE resin, don't be silly not to tell!

Map: LLDPE products

4.HDPE: high density polyethylene (also known as the low pressure polyethylene)

5.UHMWPE: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene ( if you would like further information, you can click on the blue links: introduction of the UHMWPE ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber

Map: ultra high molecular weight polyethylene products

Of course, I am in addition to the above; Brothers ; in addition to some; Cousin ; such as: chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), if you want to learn more about my cousin, you can click the blue link "professional" what is a chlorinated polyethylene CPE? It is a flexible utility?

Four, I was born (synthesis)

To hear people say, ancestors when I first came to this world, ugly, eat less, wear of pathetic family alone (synthesis of a single, low production, variety). Later, with the family (the production of LDPE technology 7, LLDPE and the density of technology companies has 10, 12 HDPE technology) the growing capital is strong. After brushing chosen genes (process improvement), gene and is excellent. Now, we can choose to be born way (synthesis), usually choose: production (the most mature technology), sometimes choice: Kettle-type method and process technology (technology has matured). Want to know I was born, you can click on the blue link to see: the world's leading 11 PE production technology

Map: polyethylene production plants

Know my birth, if I wanted to know, every year our family's birth family as well as my brothers and sisters were born? If so, you can click on the blue link to view: China 16 million tons a year of polyethylene are produced by who?

Five, I am not Superman, but I can turn (forming)

Since I am a thermoplastic body, doomed I have extremely powerful skill. Although not capacity to 72, but flexible, shrinkage to expansion, large to small, thick and thin. As light as silk, flying may (film), as slippery as a snake, crossing mountains and rivers (extrusion, injection molding), and countless different I (various products such as film, different shaped injection)

注塑成型 At a certain temperature, plastic melt completely through the screw mixing and high pressure injection mold cavity, after it has been cooled and solidified, get products; if you want to further deepen the knowledge of the injection molding, you can click on the blue link:→ polyethylene PE, pp injection molding process explained

Diagram: dynamic process of injection molding (if card, refresh)

Molding : (also known as pressed or compression molding) powdered, granular or fibrous plastic into the mold cavity under the molding temperature and shut its pressure forming and curing;

Blow molding : with gas pressure closing in the mold of thermoplastic blow bulge forming of hollow products extrusion blowing film is one, if you want to experience film blowing process, you can click on the blue links: real: variety of blown film of polyethylene molding

Photo: blowing moulding- extrusion : refers to the materials through the extruder barrel and screw the role of heated plastic, push the screw forward, continuously made by heads of various sections of finished or semi-finished products, a processing method.

Six, last summer's set, I (application and grades of Guinness)

Into the rivers and lakes, a skills-free, without mentioning based? Have skills I not only handsome (Milky, translucent), and not fool around (insoluble in solvents, resistance to low temperature). Walking down the street, people see my face value is high, but forgot my skills. To say, airplanes, trains, ships (accessories); to say small, avatar, film, bags. Who called me is; polyethylene, polyethylene family of standards are: events, more screws, silently, with no regrets.

Table 3: polyethylene application list





Packaging film, garbage bags, freezer bags, thin film, and so on.

For food, vegetables, garbage and other lightweight packaging film, film, film, film, etc.

Packaging film, lacerated, vest bags.

Cordage, rope, fishing nets and all kinds of fabrics

Basin, cylinders, baskets, boxes and other

Daily necessities such as: Cone, barrel, crate, box, surrounded by boxes, corrugated boxes, thermos bottle, Cup, table, toys and so on.

Basin, cylinders, baskets, boxes, surrounded by boxes, corrugated boxes, thermos bottle, Cup, table, toys and so on.

Bullet-proof vests and clothing, cut resistant gloves

Textile bags, cloth, tear film

Cable insulation and protection of materials

Pack food oils, wines, barrels of petrol and chemical reagents, water supply, gas, water, threading, straws, core, with tubes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, shoe Polish, toothpaste tubes

Armored shell and radar protection jacket, helmet

Packing tape


Fishing nets, ropes, industrial filters, screens for civilian use and other

Bow, ski and water skiing

Packing tape

Master, line my shadow (such as wire, cables, plastic, insulating, thin film materials, tube/pipe material, pipe covering material, cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), PERT (heat-resistant polyethylene). Because, everything done, do have a nickname. Later, a line of exclusive a nickname ( brands ), so now I have hundreds of even thousands of nicknames. In order to give you a better understanding of what's what I do, you can click on the blue link to see common I (polyethylene grades and range): encyclopedia of common grades of polyethylene and uses. View the five brothers (LLDPED grade), you can click on the blue links: "collections" encyclopedia of LLDPE grades and uses about two elder brothers (HDPE) brands, please click here: encyclopedia of most grades of HDPE and applications, your collection!

Map: polyethylene film

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